Yes I am still alive

It’s been more than a year since I wrote something here. So this time I won’t make any promises.

A few things has happened but all good.

I’m still single, I got another cat, it wasn’t planned but hey, I can manage. I guess I am now officially a crazy lady with cat.
She was dumped on the street near the church I go to. She was taken to a home, but rejected. I took her in to foster her, and yeap, it happened. I fell in love with her and here she is. Safe and sound.

That’s it for now, not much and boring, well see what else I can share here…

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So, it’s been a while. Since I last visited my blog (shame on me). Sometimes my muse is not friendly, or just too lazy to come and pay me a visit.

But not today, she came by and said “Hi”.

Is my Mom’s birthday, She’d been 84, but as all of you know, she died two years ago. All of the sudden, she wasn’t feeling well, we took her to the ER, and she didn’t make it. In less than 24 hours she was gone. I was there the whole time with my brother. Yes it was painful and hard, but she didn’t want to be intubated or resuscitated, she got very upset when I asked her. So we respected her wish.

Sometimes I wonder if I just ignored what she wanted instead, we’ll never know. She wouldn’t be happy being bedridden. When she was such an active woman.

I’ll tell you a few things about my Mom, Isabel.

She had 16 brothers/sisters

She fell in love with my dad when she was in her teens, married him when she was twenty something. He was 10 years her senior.Image










She was the mother of 5 children (my older brother died), grandmother of 6 grandchildren, and great grandmother of 7 great grandchildren. She didn’t get to meet the 8th (a girl, who is adorable and looks just like her).


No matter who you were, she could talk to you and touch your heart. Just like that.

As a mother she taught us well. How to be kind, but not stupid, how to respect and be respected and of course how to eat. That last one I got it just right.Image

If she couldn’t handle a kid, she was not the problem, the kid had issues. She such had an angelical touch for children.

She was always smiling, and talking.  She would crack a joke in the hardest of situations. No matter who she was always kind and nice. She was a thoughtful woman who cared about the well-being of others. She loved to travel, and she did a lot with my brother, who has the funniest stories ever. Also she enjoyed eating from brother in law’s dessert plate; she’d always picked a piece, always. She liked to buy things and hide it from us too. Also she liked to store things (hoard and I got that one from her too).

To this day I still can’t understand why she had to die. But I remember the first New Year’s Eve after her passing, we were all together, Talking and crying. Remembering that day. Then my brother in law said something; “Isabel always wanted to do the things her way, she wanted to leave like that, that’s what she wanted”. I realize that I did the right thing. She didn’t wanted to be laying on a bed, without the ability of moving or doing things without being assisted.

I will always miss talking to her, or listening doing stuff around the house. Or how she tell a story and laugh until she cried.Image

She was an amazing woman, just like proverbs describes it “Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.” Prov. 31:10.

Yes that was our Mom, Isabel Maria.

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I do…

ImageLast Saturday I was surprised by my neighborhood, she is on vacation, and I’m house sitting for her. She and her boyfriend (for the last 53 years), yes boyfriend (or life companion, but I like boyfriend better lol) until last week.  This past saturday she called me to check on things and gave me the news “I got married last Wednesday” (funny the first part of the word Wednesday is wed, nothing to do with weddings, that I know of). Anyway, she has been living with her boyfriend for 53 years and finally they tied the knot.

20130709_160124This made me think, I do want to get married someday.  I remember the scene from Sex and the City, the movie.  When, Carrie tell the girls she and Mr. Big are getting married, then Charlotte screams,  “My friend she just got engaged and has been going out with the man for 10 years”. I’m in my forties and believe me I will not have a boyfriend for that long, life is too short.  And after Mom’s passing I decided to live it one day at the time but thinking that any day could be my last. I changed my surroundings, let go of those who didn’t do any good to me.  I don’t regret doing this, any of it. Except that I could have done this a long time ago. It could have saved me the pain from the betrayals and from people who just wanted to use me for their own good.

Back to my neighbor. I am happy she finally married her boyfriend and long time companion. And yes, I cried when I saw the video.  I realized how strong are my beliefs towards marriage, and spending your life with the one you love.  My life companion and husband hasn’t arrived yet, but he is there somewhere thinking of me.  I am a christian woman so, after living a not so christian like life, which only led me to being hurt and betrayed I made the decision to go back to God, His ways and to let Him do his thing.  It was hard  and sometimes I didn’t understood what he was doing.  But you know what? I have something I haven’t had in years, peace and contempt. And that my friend, is priceless. Waiting for the right one to arrive, is better than being with someone and get hurt, or not feel complete. Is not the easiest choice, but is the right choice.

 I am happy for my neighbor, and I am pretty sure she will be as happy as I am when the time comes for me to marry.


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French onion soup, a la Dalice…

French onion soup, a la Dalice….

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French onion soup, a la Dalice…

A while ago one of my coworkers told me about onion soup au gratin, or “sopas de cebolla gratinadas”. I still remember her telling me and describing them to me. Of course like everything good in life, I had to wait a while before she cooked then for me.  Then I fell madly and completely in love with the onion soup au gratin.

I have had a few rough days, so I wanted to eat, but I didn’t have time and wasn’t in the best of moods to cook. Ever tried to or cooked with an upset stomach? That was my case. I was hungry  then ONION SOUP came to mind.

I’ll tell you something, the last ones I made, they were a disaster, oh my, royally, totally ruined. For starters, I used a worcestershire sauce, like I always do, and somehow it was way to spicy for me to eat. To fix the spice  situation I added more water and added milk but with no avail I couldn’t eat them. But it doesn’t end there. While doing the dishes I notice the milk had gone bad, yes the very same milk I added to the soup, that didn’t look bad when added.

I was waiting for a mayor gastrointestinal disaster.  Thank God nothing happened. So anyhow I wanted something “light” and easy to cook, so onion soup I cooked, and onion soup I ate.

Here is the recipe…


1 1/2 cup of chopped onion (you can use white, yellow or purple, or better yet the three of them)

2 cups of beef broth

2 tablespoon all purpose flour

1 tablespoon sugar

2 tablespoons thyme

Cheese, yes, gouda, swiss, mozzarella, any kind of cheese, sliced or shredded

A loaf of bread


In a medium sauce pan, melt the butter

Add the flour and cook for a while (a bit like a roux)

Add the onions and sugar, sauteed until they are soft and caramelized.477318_10150879409633496_1408041280_o

Add the thyme

Add the beef broth and cook for about 10 minutes.










Put the bread slices in the bottom of a soup bowl


This are my friends, Becky soup bowls

add the soup and on top of it the cheese  291588_10151206343828496_772639106_o266114_10151206345113496_283433072_o

Bake until the cheese is brown (at 350F for about 3 minutes)458626_10150879416473496_948597372_o

And Et voila, serve and eat.


Now this is the picture from the soup I mentioned before. 1001447_10151981620278496_606977910_nAs you notice they don’t look like the ones before, those pictures were from the day my good friend visited me, and from the next few times I made them.  I still have her soup bowls, by the way. The ones below, well, like I mentioned, didn’t have the time so I skipped the oven part and ate them, you notice the bread floating, in the middle.  I served then on an ordinary plate, but I can assure you they were good although not as good as when put then in the oven for the au gratin effect. Enjoy!!!

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I realize something today, and yes, because is father’s day. I have written about a few things, but I have never written anything about  my father. Don’t get me wrong, He was a great dad.

Well, My father, Miguel Angel, was born in Puerto Rico, in a place called Cacao, Orocovis.  Deep inside Puerto Rico, he had two brothers and two sisters.

Today, as before, it hit me, I didn’t get along with my Dad, and at the time, young and stupid, I didn’t care about having pictures with him. Today I regret it.

But let’s not go to the sad side, sunny side up!!

Now as an adult, I realize how much I am like him. For starters, I love boxing, yes, love it, I am a book worm, like you have no idea, I  enjoy documentary channels, like Discovery and Natgeo. By the way, I am subscribed to  National Geographic Magazine. I like crosswords, but I’m not great at it, at all. I am good at scrabble though. No matter how hot it is, I had  to have a blanket, yes just like him. Also he enjoyed photography and videotaping, And last but not least, I talk, boy can I talk, just like him.

Dad or Papi was a hard working man.  He took care of his family, until the day he became ill.  He loved to sow (plant), we had a mango, avocado, orange and lemon tree (that is still in the backyard). He just loved the earth. He was a smart, wise and caring man.

Here are some pictures of him.  I remembered I had one, from the day I graduated high school, but didn’t find it.

Here he is, Miguel, my Dad.

This is the only picture we have from their wedding.

This is the only picture we have from their wedding.


While in Germany


This was also in Germany, it was a gift for one of his sisters, december 1944.


With the Governor, he was the employee of the month or of the year. He wasn’t happy, he didn’t liked republicans much…


This is still of one of his videos, my older brother’s birthday.


at home after New Years



Posing for a pic, I think he was in his 20’s

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Dalice, cat lady…

Well the title says it all, I have more than one cat. In fact I have three. I am fostering one, though.  But yes I have cats.

Their names, Mauricio Sebastian he is been with me since 2008. Also the inspiration for this blog entry.










Natalia Isabel, she was a stray cat that showed up in the back yard, so small. She cried a lot, but was a feisty one, it took me almost two months before I could touch her. But got to her heart through her stomach. Then she was the lady of the house.


And last but not least, Chavela. Well Chavela’s story is more complicated, I might tell you all about it some other time. Anyway, long story short, my best friend’s landlady wanted to poison her, we tried to find her a home but didn’t find one, so I took her in. She has adapted so great.  Just a tiny detail, she is not so soft and lady like as Natalia is.  She is a bit rough, and Mauricio doesn’t like to be roughed up.


So I notice that Mauricio was not eating well, and wasn’t moving much, I started watching him. By monday he was hardly himself.  So I took him to the vet.  I was so worried about him. I hardly slept monday night, I was so scared that he would die on me. I woke up every minute just to see if he was breathing, yes that bad. So I did what I have to, called bff, who took me to the clinic.   He was so scared and had a fever. He was shaking so bad it broke my heart. ImageWell, it turned out he was on his way to having an infection, but was caught on time.  I have to give him and antibiotic, which is quite a task, since he is pretty much figuring out why I am following and sweet talking him. So far I’ve been able to  do it without being scratched. He still not much himself but getting a tad bit better.

After yesterday’s predicament, I realized how much love this three, they are lovable.  In their cat way, love me and trust me to be there for them.

Chavela always come to greet me when I am back from work (almost like a dog). Natalia licks my hand once the alarm goes off, by the way, she doesn’t give up easily. And Mauricio, he is the king of the house, he loves to have his chin rubbed,  to sleep on my bed, next to my feet. When younger, he use to climb all the way up my bedroom  window so I would let him in. He always let’s me know he is around, also he enjoys watching TV every now and then.

This three are as important as any member of my family, so yes I might qualify to be called a crazy lady with cat…


My older sister got this mug for me…

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