I realize something today, and yes, because is father’s day. I have written about a few things, but I have never written anything about  my father. Don’t get me wrong, He was a great dad.

Well, My father, Miguel Angel, was born in Puerto Rico, in a place called Cacao, Orocovis.  Deep inside Puerto Rico, he had two brothers and two sisters.

Today, as before, it hit me, I didn’t get along with my Dad, and at the time, young and stupid, I didn’t care about having pictures with him. Today I regret it.

But let’s not go to the sad side, sunny side up!!

Now as an adult, I realize how much I am like him. For starters, I love boxing, yes, love it, I am a book worm, like you have no idea, I  enjoy documentary channels, like Discovery and Natgeo. By the way, I am subscribed to  National Geographic Magazine. I like crosswords, but I’m not great at it, at all. I am good at scrabble though. No matter how hot it is, I had  to have a blanket, yes just like him. Also he enjoyed photography and videotaping, And last but not least, I talk, boy can I talk, just like him.

Dad or Papi was a hard working man.  He took care of his family, until the day he became ill.  He loved to sow (plant), we had a mango, avocado, orange and lemon tree (that is still in the backyard). He just loved the earth. He was a smart, wise and caring man.

Here are some pictures of him.  I remembered I had one, from the day I graduated high school, but didn’t find it.

Here he is, Miguel, my Dad.

This is the only picture we have from their wedding.

This is the only picture we have from their wedding.


While in Germany


This was also in Germany, it was a gift for one of his sisters, december 1944.


With the Governor, he was the employee of the month or of the year. He wasn’t happy, he didn’t liked republicans much…


This is still of one of his videos, my older brother’s birthday.


at home after New Years



Posing for a pic, I think he was in his 20’s


About airamlebasic

Airam is not my name or Lebasic my last name, is my mother's ;o). I usually don't use my name because of a very negative experience here in the web. I decided to subscribe or create a blog, because some concerns. I hope I won't bore you, or bug you. I am a christian woman from Puerto Rico, who loves to read, write, eat and take pictures of nature. I'm not very good when it comes to writing about myself so I'll just leave it at that.
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5 Responses to Papi

  1. Sarie says:

    Wow!! Que lindo Dalice!! Recordar es vivir!!

  2. Davine says:

    What a lovely post about the qualities your Dad passed onto you. I love the photo of him in his 20’s.

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