French onion soup, a la Dalice…

A while ago one of my coworkers told me about onion soup au gratin, or “sopas de cebolla gratinadas”. I still remember her telling me and describing them to me. Of course like everything good in life, I had to wait a while before she cooked then for me.  Then I fell madly and completely in love with the onion soup au gratin.

I have had a few rough days, so I wanted to eat, but I didn’t have time and wasn’t in the best of moods to cook. Ever tried to or cooked with an upset stomach? That was my case. I was hungry  then ONION SOUP came to mind.

I’ll tell you something, the last ones I made, they were a disaster, oh my, royally, totally ruined. For starters, I used a worcestershire sauce, like I always do, and somehow it was way to spicy for me to eat. To fix the spice  situation I added more water and added milk but with no avail I couldn’t eat them. But it doesn’t end there. While doing the dishes I notice the milk had gone bad, yes the very same milk I added to the soup, that didn’t look bad when added.

I was waiting for a mayor gastrointestinal disaster.  Thank God nothing happened. So anyhow I wanted something “light” and easy to cook, so onion soup I cooked, and onion soup I ate.

Here is the recipe…


1 1/2 cup of chopped onion (you can use white, yellow or purple, or better yet the three of them)

2 cups of beef broth

2 tablespoon all purpose flour

1 tablespoon sugar

2 tablespoons thyme

Cheese, yes, gouda, swiss, mozzarella, any kind of cheese, sliced or shredded

A loaf of bread


In a medium sauce pan, melt the butter

Add the flour and cook for a while (a bit like a roux)

Add the onions and sugar, sauteed until they are soft and caramelized.477318_10150879409633496_1408041280_o

Add the thyme

Add the beef broth and cook for about 10 minutes.










Put the bread slices in the bottom of a soup bowl


This are my friends, Becky soup bowls

add the soup and on top of it the cheese  291588_10151206343828496_772639106_o266114_10151206345113496_283433072_o

Bake until the cheese is brown (at 350F for about 3 minutes)458626_10150879416473496_948597372_o

And Et voila, serve and eat.


Now this is the picture from the soup I mentioned before. 1001447_10151981620278496_606977910_nAs you notice they don’t look like the ones before, those pictures were from the day my good friend visited me, and from the next few times I made them.  I still have her soup bowls, by the way. The ones below, well, like I mentioned, didn’t have the time so I skipped the oven part and ate them, you notice the bread floating, in the middle.  I served then on an ordinary plate, but I can assure you they were good although not as good as when put then in the oven for the au gratin effect. Enjoy!!!


About airamlebasic

Airam is not my name or Lebasic my last name, is my mother's ;o). I usually don't use my name because of a very negative experience here in the web. I decided to subscribe or create a blog, because some concerns. I hope I won't bore you, or bug you. I am a christian woman from Puerto Rico, who loves to read, write, eat and take pictures of nature. I'm not very good when it comes to writing about myself so I'll just leave it at that.
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