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ImageLast Saturday I was surprised by my neighborhood, she is on vacation, and I’m house sitting for her. She and her boyfriend (for the last 53 years), yes boyfriend (or life companion, but I like boyfriend better lol) until last week.  This past saturday she called me to check on things and gave me the news “I got married last Wednesday” (funny the first part of the word Wednesday is wed, nothing to do with weddings, that I know of). Anyway, she has been living with her boyfriend for 53 years and finally they tied the knot.

20130709_160124This made me think, I do want to get married someday.  I remember the scene from Sex and the City, the movie.  When, Carrie tell the girls she and Mr. Big are getting married, then Charlotte screams,  “My friend she just got engaged and has been going out with the man for 10 years”. I’m in my forties and believe me I will not have a boyfriend for that long, life is too short.  And after Mom’s passing I decided to live it one day at the time but thinking that any day could be my last. I changed my surroundings, let go of those who didn’t do any good to me.  I don’t regret doing this, any of it. Except that I could have done this a long time ago. It could have saved me the pain from the betrayals and from people who just wanted to use me for their own good.

Back to my neighbor. I am happy she finally married her boyfriend and long time companion. And yes, I cried when I saw the video.  I realized how strong are my beliefs towards marriage, and spending your life with the one you love.  My life companion and husband hasn’t arrived yet, but he is there somewhere thinking of me.  I am a christian woman so, after living a not so christian like life, which only led me to being hurt and betrayed I made the decision to go back to God, His ways and to let Him do his thing.  It was hard  and sometimes I didn’t understood what he was doing.  But you know what? I have something I haven’t had in years, peace and contempt. And that my friend, is priceless. Waiting for the right one to arrive, is better than being with someone and get hurt, or not feel complete. Is not the easiest choice, but is the right choice.

 I am happy for my neighbor, and I am pretty sure she will be as happy as I am when the time comes for me to marry.



About airamlebasic

Airam is not my name or Lebasic my last name, is my mother's ;o). I usually don't use my name because of a very negative experience here in the web. I decided to subscribe or create a blog, because some concerns. I hope I won't bore you, or bug you. I am a christian woman from Puerto Rico, who loves to read, write, eat and take pictures of nature. I'm not very good when it comes to writing about myself so I'll just leave it at that.
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