So, it’s been a while. Since I last visited my blog (shame on me). Sometimes my muse is not friendly, or just too lazy to come and pay me a visit.

But not today, she came by and said “Hi”.

Is my Mom’s birthday, She’d been 84, but as all of you know, she died two years ago. All of the sudden, she wasn’t feeling well, we took her to the ER, and she didn’t make it. In less than 24 hours she was gone. I was there the whole time with my brother. Yes it was painful and hard, but she didn’t want to be intubated or resuscitated, she got very upset when I asked her. So we respected her wish.

Sometimes I wonder if I just ignored what she wanted instead, we’ll never know. She wouldn’t be happy being bedridden. When she was such an active woman.

I’ll tell you a few things about my Mom, Isabel.

She had 16 brothers/sisters

She fell in love with my dad when she was in her teens, married him when she was twenty something. He was 10 years her senior.Image










She was the mother of 5 children (my older brother died), grandmother of 6 grandchildren, and great grandmother of 7 great grandchildren. She didn’t get to meet the 8th (a girl, who is adorable and looks just like her).


No matter who you were, she could talk to you and touch your heart. Just like that.

As a mother she taught us well. How to be kind, but not stupid, how to respect and be respected and of course how to eat. That last one I got it just right.Image

If she couldn’t handle a kid, she was not the problem, the kid had issues. She such had an angelical touch for children.

She was always smiling, and talking.  She would crack a joke in the hardest of situations. No matter who she was always kind and nice. She was a thoughtful woman who cared about the well-being of others. She loved to travel, and she did a lot with my brother, who has the funniest stories ever. Also she enjoyed eating from brother in law’s dessert plate; she’d always picked a piece, always. She liked to buy things and hide it from us too. Also she liked to store things (hoard and I got that one from her too).

To this day I still can’t understand why she had to die. But I remember the first New Year’s Eve after her passing, we were all together, Talking and crying. Remembering that day. Then my brother in law said something; “Isabel always wanted to do the things her way, she wanted to leave like that, that’s what she wanted”. I realize that I did the right thing. She didn’t wanted to be laying on a bed, without the ability of moving or doing things without being assisted.

I will always miss talking to her, or listening doing stuff around the house. Or how she tell a story and laugh until she cried.Image

She was an amazing woman, just like proverbs describes it “Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.” Prov. 31:10.

Yes that was our Mom, Isabel Maria.


About airamlebasic

Airam is not my name or Lebasic my last name, is my mother's ;o). I usually don't use my name because of a very negative experience here in the web. I decided to subscribe or create a blog, because some concerns. I hope I won't bore you, or bug you. I am a christian woman from Puerto Rico, who loves to read, write, eat and take pictures of nature. I'm not very good when it comes to writing about myself so I'll just leave it at that.
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